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Presenting John Deere’s Network of Machine Monitoring Centers.
We’re watching your fleet, so you can run your world.

Central Machine Health Command Health Cente

Locally Staffed by Trained Dealer Specialists...

John Deere dealerships are building and refining on-site monitoring capability for tracking the health of machines in the field. Machine monitoring enables your dealer to respond more efficiently to critical issues that can result in costly downtime.

Help That Arrives Quickly – Sometimes Even Before Downtime Occurs

Machine monitoring specialists use advanced telematics and alert management tools to stay on top of potential issues. When necessary, they can engage trained technicians armed with the capability to read and clear diagnostic codes, record machine performance data, and even update software – without ever visiting the machine in the field.

Response time is quick, and many times, problems can be addressed before they cause downtime. When technicians do visit the machine, they can often arrive with the parts in hand to make the repair.

You can hand over all machine monitoring responsibilities to your John Deere dealer. Or they can monitor your fleet in conjunction with your own maintenance team. It depends on how you want to run your world.

The result is healthier machines...and reduced costs.

Central Machine Health Command Health Cente

...Backed By A Central Machine Health Command Center

Data from thousands of connected John Deere machines flows here, to our Machine Health Monitoring Center. Located inside John Deere’s mile-long Dubuque Works facility next to the Mississippi River, the Center is positioned in close proximity to our product engineering teams, as well as the men and women who build many of our machines.

Looking At The Big Picture Now Can Help You See Improvements In the Future

The Machine Health Monitoring Center’s specialists develop solutions that nourish our local, dealer monitoring services. They do this by analyzing aggregated machine data, identifying trends that warrant a closer look, and then developing new and improved preventative maintenance and repair protocols.

So while your dealer focuses on addressing issues that may immediately impact you and your fleet, the Machine Health Monitoring Center keeps an eye on the big picture. By drawing from the collective intelligence of hundreds of dealers and thousands of machines, they can develop and deploy solutions to our dealers to repair machines faster and even help you avoid unexpected downtime altogether.

Work here also drives improvements in new product design and updates to current products.

Data. Analytics. Improvements. Repeat.